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So can we get World Events to change the title song??????????


Video that had been posted up on the Facebook version of this community:

I'll just leave this here.

Title: A Simple Boy
Author: dorksidefiker
Fandom: Voltron Force
Table/Prompt: Table 3/3. Simple Things
Character/Pairing: Keith, Lance, mentions of Daniel
Rating: PG
Word Count: 293
Summary: Keith is somewhat less than impressed with Daniel.
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: I own nothing.
So, it's out.

Anyone care to share their impressions of the new Voltron series? I find that I kinda like it. Don't much care for Daniel, but I don't like his character type most times.

Also, anyone else get the feeling that in addition to ignoring season 2 of the original series, they're ignoring Vehicle Voltron?
Passing this on from the OB - seems some cable outlets are showing the first two episodes of Voltron Force in their VOD feature (for me with Comcast, it's in On Demand under the Kids Nickelodeon section). Just fyi if you wanna sneak peek the first two shows! Very limited time on this so hurry.
Poll #1745965 Voltron Vs Thundercats

Both are getting new series in 2011. Which one are you more geeked about?


Might as well just cross-post this here from the voltroncentral.net forum: For those of us who plan to keep tabs on both 80s series re-emergence this year, which are you looking most forward to? Why?

Compare trailers here:

Voltron - apparently, picking up where LV Season 1 left off:

Thundercats - complete reboot/retelling, with a lot of reworking.
They just come out with this thing today - shows more clips from the show, dialogue and plotting. Hope to have screen shots up at voltroncentral.net soon.



Voltron Force Teaser is out...to x-post my facebook group comments,  I may be biased coming at life as a nostalgia freak, but I think the classic sequence is way better. And is that Indiana Jones theme music playing? LOL idk, still way more geeked about the coming Tcats reboot than this...
New series official site:

Also, series set to debut June 16.
Special props to Eli C for the head's up - all GoLion eps are now on youtube and it's all legal n' stuff. So for those that haven't had a chance to watch the subtitled dvds, now you can watch online...free!
Making the announcement rounds - FYI VoltronCentral updated today with new content on the VV side - biggest item of note is in the Dairugger section. The episode guide is complete!

Just FYI - VoltronCentral is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, hope to have the VV side updates ready to go this week, the biggest item of which will be concluding the DXV episode guide!

Thanks to the folks at the OB for passing this on:
dxv volume three finally available and shipping from a few outlets, including the official voltron.com site and rightstuf.com

Amazon still not showing any indication of shipment, so I canceled my preorder there and bought from one of the above. I gotta know how this ends!!

Hey gang!

This is my first post to the club (truly honored to be here) and as a way to assimilate myself into the mix, I wanted to alert everyone that Checker Digital has a Voltron: Defender of the Universe App up in the iTunes store for $0.99! I snagged a copy of the press release ;) so, if you're intrested in anything else by them I suggest you check it out...just in time for Christmas!

Updates have been posted to www.voltroncentral.net - finally finished the GoLion episode guide, amongst other things. Enjoy :)

Thought I'd pop in to post a few notes:

1) FYI...voltron.com is running a limited time special price for the Voltron USB drive - 19.99

2) The release date of the final DXV dvd is in flux. Last my amazon account has updated it said delivery wasn't likely til December 17th. ugh.

3) We are now a group on facebook. This group has taken the place of VoltronCentral's old yahoo group, and is also of course, affiliated with this LJ comm as well. If you have FB, feel free to join.

'sall for now :)

Crossposted here and there...

So I FINALLY got my picture CD back from Walmart. Sadly, I suck at taking pics, so the photos of the dolls don't look that good. -_- I think I shouldn't have used the flash on them with the way the lighting was...

So back in the last week of June 2010, I commissioned doll makers to make me Lotor and Allura dolls. They finally came in the middle of October! :D

Picture heavy Post!

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These pics do not do the dolls justice! I might try to retake the photos some time in the future...
Just give me credit if you take any! ^_^ Enjoy! :)

Voltron (Sven Only)
Thunder Cats
Yaoi (random)
Billy Boyd
Dominic Monagahan
Ronin Warriors
Adam Lambert

At My Graphic Journal
Title: Issues
Author: Robin Gurl
Pairing: Sven/Keith
Rating: O.o ..um PG-13
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Feedback: Yes please! :)

Under HereCollapse )
Title: One for Forever
Author: Robin Gurl
Email: Robingurl65@aol.com
Warnings: Yaoi
Subject: Voltron
Pairing: Sven/Keith (:D like you didn't see *THAT* coming! xD)
Rating: Near R xD A little subtle hint of sexual pleasure at the end.
Notes: This was a challenge for the Voltron Album Fics. :D
Song: All coming back to me now, by Celion Dion
Disclaimer: Own no one! :D
Theme: My theme for my fics is Sven. :) It will jump around ALOT!

FicCollapse )
I don't remember ever posting this but I found it and it's basically complete....unless people want it continued.

Title: Healing
Author: Robin Gurl
Characters: Sven, Romelle, and Bandor
Place in TV Series: Right before Romelle and Sven leave to go save the captured prisoners!
Slash: No.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Feedback: Yes please. o.O I didn't know I had even written this so I'd love feedback on how I did.

Story Under HereCollapse )

Ok, um the other question, I have it seems three Sven/Keith fics...that are complete. o.O Are we allowed to post yaoi/slash here? If not it's cool, just making sure before I post and get in trouble.