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Voltron Force Teaser is out...to x-post my facebook group comments,  I may be biased coming at life as a nostalgia freak, but I think the classic sequence is way better. And is that Indiana Jones theme music playing? LOL idk, still way more geeked about the coming Tcats reboot than this...
I'm with you on the Thundercats reboot. I watched the Voltron trailers and I'm still 'Eh' about them. Sticking with the old school transformation sequence does not a successful reboot make.
Yeah, I gotta say these sneak peeks aren't doing much for my level of excitement here. Tcats, maybe because it's different but a reboot so it's interesting. Voltron, it's supposed to be some kind of continuation and well, doesn't feel like it's meshing for me. But, I guess I'll have to see what I think once I get to see a few full eps.
Not too jazzed about the new art style, but I'll still be watching it when it comes out.

Anyone know who those kids in the cockpit with Keith are supposed to be?
Yeah I'll watch it too, cuz yeah - it's Voltron and I gotta at least check out an ep or two.

The kids - they're some type of cadets in training from what I understand.