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They just come out with this thing today - shows more clips from the show, dialogue and plotting. Hope to have screen shots up at voltroncentral.net soon.


Why do they keep doing remakes that are worse than the original series?

*Sulk* and they always either forget Sven or make him evil...

Yeah you'd think they'd learn from V3D

Not sure if Sven will be featured, BUT this is supposed to take place following the original first season so he and Romelle could still appear, but yeah this would be after his injury and such so he would not be on the team.
omg. *shudder* that series...that series was just an embarrassment. o.O I was 15-16 when that thing came out and **I** thought it was stupid.

I agree. I am so far very unenthusiastic about this new series. Why are they rebooting it? There is nothing wrong with the original. Especially since the animation quality is much poorer than the original...
err.... wtf is with lotors eyes.
lol what is with the whole Doom set-up, period.
Eeeeeh. I'm hoping that a whole episode will look better than strung together clips.
Of course, something very important that I really should remember:

I am not the target audience for this show.

I'm 27, and I was very, VERY young when Voltron was first airing (my exposure to it was mostly in reruns in the first place).

This show is not being aimed at me (and I suspect, most of us).

The target audience is somewhere between the ages of 7 and 13. So I should grant it a certain amount of slack, and remember that the original series, seen through the eyes of an adult, it's pretty silly itself.

Now, this really COULD be better. There have been/are plenty of shows aimed at the same age group that are still wonderfully brilliant and fun to watch at any age (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, anyone?). And it would be wonderful if this could be the same way.

But I will keep reminding myself that I am not the target audience, and not fall into a frothing rage over this use of a part of my childhood.
Also, five bucks says Girlie's a princess.
Yeah, I'm trying to remind myself of the target audience when I see the more cheesy glimpses of the show...gotta keep that nerd rage in check ;)

I heard the girl cadet is supposed to be Allura's niece. Apparently she had some sibling we weren't aware of, hahaha.
Speaking of comparisons, I put up a poll on my forum to compare this show with the coming Thundercats reboot - including links to trailers from both. Seeing the Tcats trailer I can't help but agree with you that yeah, this could be better.


Pardon me, going to headdesk repeatedly until there's enough brain damage for that to make any sense.
Okay, I think I've smashed my head sufficiently (and repeated my "I'm not the target audience" mantra enough).

Hopefully she's actually meant to be her cousin and not her niece. It would be nice is Allura's aunt was remembered.
This. A lot of my 'Eh' concerning the reboot is due to the fact that I grew up with Voltron, so the show has a very special place in my heart. While I agree with the fact the original was pretty silly in some aspects, its story still resonated with me. Take away the cheese and you have a real, dramatic plot about survival, hope, freedom and the overcoming all obstacles. Introducing the kids makes me think the show will be less about the Force and more about the kids' high school-esque misadventures that just happens to involve a giant robot.
mte. I posted on my personal journal that it seemed more like Voltron High.
I do like this promo better than the others. I can live with the art style and animation; it's more bland than anything else.

However, those cadet characters? Ugh. Now I'm really scared they're going to hog the spotlight; the plot will largely center around their training if this trailer is an indication. Even worse is that I'm getting serious Mary Sue vibes from the Larmina character. While one of the other cadets in the clip, Daniel, struggles to get used to his weapon, she whips her staff out and instantly starts kicking ass and taking names. She also, from what we've seen, possess a bad attitude. If handled correctly, the poor treatment of her fellow cadets will have consequences, but I fear she'll always be right in the end no matter how arrogant she acts while we the viewers are all supposed to love her. I realize this is a lot to assume given how little we've seen, but it's not like I haven't seen the exact same thing happen in a million different shows, comics, or movies.