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Poll #1745965 Voltron Vs Thundercats

Both are getting new series in 2011. Which one are you more geeked about?


Might as well just cross-post this here from the voltroncentral.net forum: For those of us who plan to keep tabs on both 80s series re-emergence this year, which are you looking most forward to? Why?

Compare trailers here:

Voltron - apparently, picking up where LV Season 1 left off:

Thundercats - complete reboot/retelling, with a lot of reworking.
Where season one left off?

*wracks her brain, then makes a sad noise*

If I'm remembering correctly... this means no Merla.

S'cuse me, I'm gonna go be in my corner of woe.
is ok *pets and joins* ..I don't get Sven either..
No Cossack and Merla, true. But get this - no Zarkon or Haggar either. The doom side of things is jacked in this series.
....so who are the bad guys? Just Lotor? o.o
yeah, he's the only one we'd know anyway. And of course, they scarred his face, so much to piss off his fan girls lol! Nothing like not learning from V3D
but...but....*even though she hates him for what he did to Sven* he was the only decent looking villain they had. NOOOOOOOOOO XD why ruin the hotter villain? They should have given a REAL shocker and made King Zarcon look handsome.


The fangirls aren't going to be happy about this one!
He doesn't have scars in some of the shots during the various teasers and trailers, so I don't know if they're healed later or if it's due to inconsistant animation. I'm hoping it's the former. lol

I have to wonder if it's wasn't for Lotor's popularity if they would have axed the old villain altogether. I don't want to be so negative, but it's hard not to.
No HAGGAR? Blasphemy!
I know I could be wrong, but I'm not partial to either series - I have crushes on guys in each, however - does it seem like they did a better job with the art/plot/voices in Thunder Cats? I was actually VERY nervous to see that they were going to touch it and then saw the preview and was like "O_O dude. I want to see this."

I've been on facebook too much - been looking for the "like" button ;)
I was really excited about the new Voltron at first, but the Thundercats reboot is looking a lot more promising now. No Sven, Romelle, Zarkon, Hagar, or Merla? Sorry WEP, but you are really letting me down here. And, is it just me or are Allura's eyes green instead of blue?
They sure do look green to me, and on her bio page from the Voltron Force site, too

Thundercats all the way for me. The more I see of the new Voltron the more disappointed I get. Though, to be honest, when I heard Cartoon Network was getting Thundercats and NickToons had Voltron, I knew things wouldn't be good for our five heroes.
Yeah, I think we're gonna have to accept the approach to each of these is very different - the more I see the more it's obvious the new Voltron is not being made with old fans or older fans in mind. I still love the Voltron franchise and wish them every success reaching their target audience. I hope to see them succeed on that level. But no, I got a feeling it's not gonna be for me, and I'll be following the Thundercats reboot much more closely as a result.
You have the right approach. I guess I'd like it if they had made the show with its older fans in mind. It would have been nice seeing it taken more seriously. I loved MLP as a little girl, and MLP: FiM is a gold mine of awesome. I think the older demographic watches it more. Besides, we're the ones with the disposable income to waste on shit like collectibles/figures/DVDs. I was at Toys R Us the other day and I saw old school Real Ghostbusters figures selling for 20 bucks each. Your average kid won't give it another look, but us 20-30 somethings? We stare at those toys with a bizarre gleam in our eyes. XD
I'll watch them both, but I think Thundercats looks like it'll be a better show. I'm curious about the new Voltron characters, and I like how they've done Hunk and Pidge, but getting rid of all of the Doom crew except for Lotor sucks bigtime.
LOL, I've been on Facebook waaaaay too much and hadn't realized Thun1derCats was getting new life as well! I had hopes even when I heard NickToons was getting Voltron, but what was that???? O_o I'm disappointed. As mentioned above, it doesn't look like they kept older fans in mind for this new Voltron. The trailer for ThunderCats looks really interesting to me - I know I'll watch that one for sure (if I'm not tired from work...T_T)! I like the voices for ThunderCats and the story looks so much more interesting (sorry Voltron)! But CN usually does a better job with its series than NickToons (I watch the occasional Airbender episode, but that's it). We'll wait and see how this goes...
So, I watched some trailers for the new Voltron and I gotta say... since when did Allura use a bow and arrow or a whip??? I understand that she needed an upgrade and needed weapon skills but a whip? That is a very hard weapon to master. It is one of the last that you learn to use in a martial arts school. A bow and arrow I can see b/c it could be considered a courtly hobby turned useful weapon skill but not a whip. Give the girl a blaster or maybe a fencing sword, that would make a whole lot more sense!!!